Technical support

Technical support for financial organizations, institutions and beneficiaries.

Continuous 24-hour support via a free communication service that supports all networks locally and internationally.

Providing technical solutions to connect all regions and islands in Yemen.

Work in multiple/different computer operating modes that fully help support work in offline mode across a synchronous data system.

Ability to update periodically and more than once per day.

Complete cost reduction controls for the customer whether in terms of moving or remaining at the disbursement site in accordance with best practices.

Various plans for continuous labor to ensure continuous operations, aid disbursement and support access to new beneficiaries.

Support geographic data for all executed operations.

Support vital information and links it to financial services and aid disbursement.

Provide large tradable banknote, with the option of cash withdrawals from any remittance network point.

Connecting with all sales CRM in all Yemeni markets, facilitating shopping and purchasing through every agent.

Synchronized work and direct relay to NGOs’ systems (on request-basis) and agents’ systems and pos.

A specialized department for quality assurance and to monitor the implementation of tasks in accordance with the best standards and practices.

Detailed work reports covering the execution of all routine and emergency work in accordance with best practices.

Complete cost reduction controls for the customer whether in terms of moving or remaining at the disbursement site in accordance with best practices.

Solutions for distributing aid in accordance with best practices in meeting the needs of beneficiaries.

Trained disbursement teams in emergency labor standards in accordance with best practices.

Disbursement teams located on both sides of the conflict zones. No need to move between the two conflict sides.

Trained disbursement teams can reach beneficiaries’ homes/locations.

Control room at the central level as well as at the provincial level, to solve issues firsthand and promote success.

Personalized SMS messages to the beneficiaries informing them with the time and location of the disbursement. With the option of sending awareness messages to all beneficiaries.

The option of providing awareness on behalf of the NGO.

Work with different and innovative methodologies to deal with crowds, taking into account priority given to people with special needs.

Strict standards and controls with a specialized department to prevent cases of fraud, follow up complaints, and deal with any breach in compensation of beneficiaries.

Secure disbursement sites in accordance with best practices that ensure that beneficiaries are protected from any blackmail or humiliation. Also to prevent vigilantes from interfering with the disbursement process while raising the beneficiaries awareness on their rights.

High consideration for the privacy of disabled beneficiaries. Providing them with their own passages while facilitating the disbursement process for them outside the disbursement site. With the option of disbursement at their own locations.

High consideration for gender, pregnant women, women with children, the elderly and the disabled.