International Remittances

International Transfers Service Send and receive your cash transfer from and to the world through the agents and branches of the National Cash Transfer company Western Union - MoneyGram - Shift - Tadhamon Pay - Quick Pay - Ria - uremit- Express Money - Yeah Money

   موني جرام برنامج XpressMoney  

Payment Methods


Fixed Payment

Fixed offices exe (YCASH branches – financial agents branches – partner banks branches) to deliver the beneficiary transfers through a trained staff with the latest payment management processes and payment accounting systems.


Mobile Team

Mobile teams carryout payments in community centers (schools – heath facilities –mosques ) these centers located at the beneficiaries’ communities to reduce the cost , increase services access to the vulnerable people, mitigate security risks exposure, where YCASH recruiting local teams , train them on quality standards (Humanitarian standards) , providing them with mobile devices, m-TEAM smartphone application, and educate them on financial inclusion.


Door to Door

Mobile teams carryout payment to beneficiaries to reduce the cost , increase services access to the vulnerable beneficiaries , mitigate security risks exposure, mitigate COVID 19 infection , this methodology was developed to responding to COVID 19 protection where YCASH recruiting local teams , train them on Humanitarian standards , providing them with mobile devices application, educating them about prevention precautions, providing them with the required kits.



Electronic money is a service that can be processed in a mobile phone, Through this service, the customer can easily perform his financial transactions (cash transfer), pay bills, purchase, etc. without a bank account.Other features include using this service inside and outside Yemen through the customer's mobile phone, and it should be connected to a phone number that is considered an electronic account number. Various agents and points of services everywhere in Yemen, even the districts and village level