Social Responsiblity

YCASH and its initiatives, hold themselves, individually and collectively, accountable for the achievements of its social responsibility commitments. YCASH strives to contribute to the development of communities it serves, connect value chain, supply chain markets, generate employment opportunities, and supporting entrepreneurs and communities initiatives.



YFoundation for Sustainable Development, Entrepreneurship Support and Business Development (YFoundation) seeks to spread the financial and self-employment cultures. YFoundation strives to provide support services to entrepreneurs through training, mentoring, incubation, and technical assistance to access financial services based on best practices and leading partnerships with all respective financial and non-financial institutions. YFoundation has established different community initiatives and implemented different studies, institutional and technical support to the entrepreneurs, and community-based structures, in addition to various humanitarian interventions. Having these joint values with YFoundation, most of YCASH social responsibility is gifted to YFoundation and its initiatives.


Y - Volunteers

A network of volunteers aims to polarize youth and community members (social entrepreneurs) that has the ability to influence and improve their societies positively and work efficiently to help the Yemeni affected communities through developing initiatives.



YJobs is a reliable recruitment and tendering platform that enables users to inquire through the employment database and facilitate the process for both the recruiter and jobs. YJobs platform aims to enhance recruitment processes, employment opportunities and ease access to employment opportunities; just search and apply for vacancies. It also provides a service for recruiters to post jobs and tenders. It manages the whole cycle of recruitment and tendering including:

  • Advertising vacancies,
  • Longlisting and shortlisting,
  • Testing and interviewing,
  • Inductions,
  • Appraisals



House of Development

House of Development is an apprenticeship and business center which is physical it is the offices of YCASH Head office and other offices. In partnership with educational, academic, and private sector institutions, the House of Development aims to enhance digitization and digital transformation in the business and development environments in the countries where YCASH operates. House of Development primary Objective is to support the value chain in MSMEs, FinTech, financial, banking, humanitarian and development sectors through providing digital solutions which will achieve:

  • Decrease the services access cost
  • Enhancing the capacities of business and development projects to reach their customers wherever they are.
  • Creating new digital products and blue markets for youth and entrepreneurs.

House of Development has initiated three projects:

  • Bedayah: starting with a transformational point to initiate steps to employment or freelancing and enrolling in the business sector.
  • Digitization: digital workshops, forums and communities to establish a digital community for experiences exchanging and markets exploring.
  • Massar: an incubator for digital apprenticeships and developing freelancing approach, employment and linking with the business sector.

In addition, House of Development is considered as a space for the community participation where they can attend in YCASH offices. Furthermore, YCASH junior staff who started as volunteers and just graduated from high school, are onboarded in the House of Development initiative called “Higher Education Seat”. They are supported to enroll in universities where House of Development has already signed MoUs with these respective Universities. House of Development has already launched a set of projects including Basher, YMarket, and YVolunteers; these projects were initiated based on the communities needs and concepts, as outcomes of their participation.



It is an educational platform that conducts trainings and provides e-learning and physical presence. It is an initiative that aims to enhance access to learning by using technological solutions, methods and innovative approach to reach all young people and those in need, an e-learning platform supported by audio-visual resources. Integration: a package of financial and non-financial services, technical support and integrated marketing with partners and service providers for all value chains.




YMarket is an ecommerce online market for the MSMEs products and services marketing, booking, selling, purchasing, delivery and POS Management (stock, sales, customers, payments, …etc). It is developed to be connecting customers, suppliers/markets of different levels and delivery services providers. YMarket primary objective is to market the products of MSMEs. YMarket includes but not limited to the below functionalities:

  • POSs/Markets: malls, supermarkets, suppliers, restaurants, …etc and their supplies, offers and shows.
  • Delivery Service Providers
  • Offers: a section for periodic and or seasonal offers, announcements, MSMEs marketing zone, …etc.


YMarket is integrated and connected with different payment gateways.


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