Humanitarian Transfers Platform

Humanitarian Transfers Platform is an international platform incorporating a comprehensive system which includes transfers system, project management system, beneficiaries regisration system, M&E system and others. Humanitarian Transfers Platform aims to assist donors, INGOs HQs and FIs to manage their projects and services to be delivered directly to their projects beneficiaries without any third-party.


Project Management System

As part of its support to its customer agencies (and any potential customer agencies), YCASH and its sistering company (YSys) have developed a comprehensive Project Management Company, which is no live and functioning. The Project Management System aims to improve projects management of customer agencies and projects information management for program delivery across the customer agency. It includes but not limited to the below functions and features:

  • Creating (and updating) offices, projects, targeted areas of different organizational structures (country, governorates, districts, sub-districts and villages) and facilities
  • Creating (and updating)frameworks (different types including result framework, logframe, …etc)
  • Variety of interactive and analytic reports of progress (by indicators, by results, by activities, …etc) to be presented to firms/organizations’ decision-takers
  • Financial performance (compared to budgets)
  • Creating (and updating) sectors, stakeholders and partners
  • Creating and assigning staff/users, emails, documents attaching, SMSs sharing
  • Interactive dashboards
  • Connecting with any third-party systems (e.g. banks system, donors system)