Humanitarian Transfers Platform

Humanitarian Transfers Platform is an international platform incorporating a comprehensive system which includes transfers system, project management system, beneficiaries regisration system, M&E system and others. Humanitarian Transfers Platform aims to assist donors, INGOs HQs and FIs to manage their projects and services to be delivered directly to their projects beneficiaries without any third-party.


M&E System


In order to enhance the interventions quality, YCASH together with its sistering company (YSys) developed an a Monitoring and Evaluation System. However, it is integrated with the comprehensive Project Management System, it is also a standalone system. It provides customers with:

  • Tracking project indicators performance
  • Post distribution monitoring
  • Data entry of distribution assessment
  • Inclusion of project success overall indicators
  • Projects documentation including review meetings, learning events, summary reports of progress, feedback of donors, partners and other stakeholders.