Humanitarian Transfers Platform

Humanitarian Transfers Platform is an international platform incorporating a comprehensive system which includes transfers system, project management system, beneficiaries regisration system, M&E system and others. Humanitarian Transfers Platform aims to assist donors, INGOs HQs and FIs to manage their projects and services to be delivered directly to their projects beneficiaries without any third-party.



In line with its accountability approach, YCASH deployed a full Customer Relationships Management system (CRM) integrated with its Call Center services and system, supporting multiple mechanisms. The main objective of the CRM is to provide customers, agents and partners with the needed support and makes sure they are all satisfied with the YCASH support and services. YCASH' CRM incorprates the functionality of accountability to affected populations, mainly complaints and responses functions of different categories (appreciations, request for information, request for support, complaints agiants our staff/agents, concerns associated with our teams breaching YCASH Code of Conduct, ...etc). All these complaints and feedbacks which are raised by our customers and clients are tracked, reported till they are closed assuring our customers and clients are satisfied.  YCASH's CRM mechanisms include:

  • Call Center: connetced with a TollFree (hotline) 8000001 servicing 24/7 fully staffed and equiped to support customers,
  • Social Media Platforms Bots: they include whatsapp, facebook messanger, telegram and instegram. These bots do different jobs including suggestions, complaints and feedback, request support, request YCASH services, ...etc
  • Tracking raised concerns, complaints, feedback and responding to them till all reported cases are closed and customers are satisfied, and
  • Managing cases of fraud and any associated risks