Humanitarian Transfers Platform

Humanitarian Transfers Platform is an international platform incorporating a comprehensive system which includes transfers system, project management system, beneficiaries regisration system, M&E system and others. Humanitarian Transfers Platform aims to assist donors, INGOs HQs and FIs to manage their projects and services to be delivered directly to their projects beneficiaries without any third-party.


Beneficiaries Management System

YCASH' beneficiaries management sytsem supports the KYC and customer agency criteria. The system functions include but not limited to:

  • The system works online and offline
  • Data collection can be implemented through various platforms of YCASH (SMS platform, social media – bots)
  • Beneficiaries registration:
    • Registration (data collection) of beneficiary HHs and individuals
    • Saving data of beneficiaries and their HHs
  • Beneficiaries Verification
    • Automated verification of beneficiaries through different mechanisms including validation of data with IDs, matching their biometrics and identification of duplication
    • Automated verification against the criteria of selection
  • Beneficiaries data management
    • Creating a profile for each beneficiary (automatically)
    • Tracking provided services for each beneficiary from each project
    • Maps of beneficiaries locations (different levels)
    • Exporting reports of different formats
    • User friendly and controlled dashboards
    • Data updating or data collecting
    • Tracking regular visits data
    • Managing permissions and authorities of system users