Microfinance Projects



It aims to promote early economic recovery by providing appropriate and refundable funds according to a specific system for small projects in the sectors (fisheries - agricultural – livestock - rural – craft-entrepreneurs)

The project main components:

 - Improving the local communities livelihoods.

 - Strengthening and building the capacities of local communities.

 - Providing cash-for-work activities to build infrastructure for local communities.

A project aims to improve the livelihoods of local communities and support agricultural, fishery and rural projects to enhance the livelihoods of beneficiaries through Bader Fund and support these projects according to the profit portfolio by creating a sustainable portfolio that has the largest number of beneficiaries.

The scope is all governorates and districts of Yemen, where the latest plans were to cover 11 southern and northern governorates at a cost of (7,000,000) dollars. 



Emaar Microfinance Company

It is a company specialized in developing value chain products for micro, MSMEs enterprises and provides services:

 - Appropriate financing for all links of local value chains.

 - Facilitating customers' access to electronic financing services, money transfers, and electronic cash flows

 - Consulting, training and marketing for all local value chain links

 - Housing finance


Solar Energy Systems

The objective of the emergency project to provide electricity in Yemen and the home by the United Nations Office for Project Services and the World Bank Group (UNOPS) is to provide energy in Yemen at the lowest costs and at a rate of  up to 90%  as a  subsidy, while 10% will be paid by  the beneficiary as a transfer fee and transformation , it targets  all districts in of the Republic of Yemen and providing the beneficiaries with solar systems with agreed global standards.

Payment Methods


Fixed Payment

Fixed offices exe (YCASH branches – financial agents branches – partner banks branches) to deliver the beneficiary transfers through a trained staff with the latest payment management processes and payment accounting systems.


Mobile Team

Mobile teams carryout payments in community centers (schools – heath facilities –mosques ) these centers located at the beneficiaries’ communities to reduce the cost , increase services access to the vulnerable people, mitigate security risks exposure, where YCASH recruiting local teams , train them on quality standards (Humanitarian standards) , providing them with mobile devices, m-TEAM smartphone application, and educate them on financial inclusion.


Door to Door

Mobile teams carryout payment to beneficiaries to reduce the cost , increase services access to the vulnerable beneficiaries , mitigate security risks exposure, mitigate COVID 19 infection , this methodology was developed to responding to COVID 19 protection where YCASH recruiting local teams , train them on Humanitarian standards , providing them with mobile devices application, educating them about prevention precautions, providing them with the required kits.



Electronic money is a service that can be processed in a mobile phone, Through this service, the customer can easily perform his financial transactions (cash transfer), pay bills, purchase, etc. without a bank account.Other features include using this service inside and outside Yemen through the customer's mobile phone, and it should be connected to a phone number that is considered an electronic account number. Various agents and points of services everywhere in Yemen, even the districts and village level