National Cash Transfer Company (YCASH) is the first company specialized in provision of humanitarian transfers services in YEMEN, partnering with financial Service providers & NGOs It is permitted by the CBY with a license record number (17227).

Wider outreach services, effective & innovative financial and smart humanitarian  solutions.

Provide financial services, and deliver cash and in-kind humanitarian assistances using the best  practices, effective mechanisms and partnerships to  achieve financial inclusion.




Continual Learning


Delivering financial and technical solutions to provide financial services and humanitarian assistances with sustainable, innovative, effective and efficient

methodologies with access that meets the needs of NGOs, financial institutions and clients based on best practices achieving sustainability through diverse and

effective partnerships.


Develop a controlled work environment of governance and quality assurance with management systems that rely on clear policies and advanced technology

encouraging innovation.


Continual improvement of services, systems, policies, access methodologies, expansion of partnerships and provision of smart solutions to connect donors, financial institutions, NGOs, entrepreneurs and beneficiaries.

How we work to found better position  for us and higher quality for  clients/beneficiaries.

Leading innovations

Develop and prove best practices and evidence-based, replicable solutions to problems facing Yemenis 


Outreach methods to reach everywhere

Our creative outreach methods will enable every Yemeni regardless of being in hard to reach, rural or urban areas, at home or abroad


Building partnerships

Collaborate with financial institutions, NGOs, donors, clients, beneficiaries, communities, and government to share knowledge, influence others and build capacity to ensure Yemenis have financial access inclusively and responsive humanitarian actions


YCASH is the first financial institution in Yemen specialized in the provision of Humanitarian Transfers, partnering with all financial service providers and NGOs. Seeking to champion the financial inclusion and contribute to the development of communities.

It is because of our commitment to partners, customers and beneficiaries that YCASH has garnered top ratings among other financial institutions. Together with our partners, humanitarian and development agencies give us top ratings for delivering incredible services for customers – with a proven track record of providing services in the highest quality efficiently and effectively.

Since its launch, YCASH provides financial and non-financial services everywhere in Yemen. YCASH has delivered humanitarian transfers for more than 61 UN Agencies, International NGOs and Local NGOs.

YCASH has deployed various outreach methods to deliver its services to every village in Yemen. These outreach methods include Fixed Outlets (YCASH branches, money transfers networks and agents), Mobile Teams (Community Centers, Door to Door, Home Delivery, and m-POSs), Digital Methods (e-wallet, digital platforms, and smart mobile phone apps), Smart Branches and ATMs. YCASH is expanding day by day, started with 6 branches in October 2019 and by mid of 2021 it has more than 35 branches in country and two international representative offices (one in Amman - Jordan and another one in Cairo – Egypt).

Driven by its social responsibility commitments, YCASH has established various initiatives to support community sustainable development. These initiatives include a FinTech company (YSys), the first digital microfinance company in Yemen (Eamar), an e-commerce platform (YMarket), digital training academy (YACADEMY), MSMEs incubation business center (House of Development), employment and recruitment platform (YJobs) and some other initiatives. The aim of these companies and initiatives is to contribute to the financial inclusion of Yemenis, championing the value chain and blended business via Hi-Tech solutions.

To ease delivery of humanitarian aids and ease access to affected communities and hard to reach areas, YCASH has developed Humanitarian Transfers Platform, which is offered to agencies who need and can be customized based on their needs.

Risk Assessment & Management in Digital Finance DFS

Risk Assessment & Management in Digital Finance DFS

The National Cash Transfer Company (YCash) participated last Monday in the regional risk assessment management in Digital Financial Services workshop, which was held by the International Finance Corporation (IFC), which dealt with the risk management methodology in digital financial services and the use of tools developed by the International Finance Corporation for digital financial services providers.The participation of the National cash transfers Co. (YCash) in the workshop comes within one of the components of the technical support partnership provided by the International Finance Corporation, which included the preparation of the business plan 2023-2030 for the company as a unique financial and humanitarian partner, where the diagnosis of the company was completed, the development of the company's business plan, the development of its customer base, the support of humanitarian systems and solutions, and the provision of innovative products with supportive partnerships to reach a good customer experience.The business The plan and technical support provided focuses on building an effective risk management and high compliance system to help the company provide its services to financial institutions and organizations working in the humanitarian sector with a commitment to high compliance and risk control.

Anti-money laundering and terrorist financing refresher training course

Anti-money laundering and terrorist financing refresher training course

The National Cash Transfer Company (YCash) implemented a course in Anti-money laundering and terrorist financing aim to raise awareness of the concepts, policies, procedures and compliance controls, on Sunday, 12/6/2022 . The course targeted all employees of the branches and employees of the General Administration, which was trained by a member of the compliance committee of the Association of Yemeni banks "Mr. Abdullah Musleh Al-farzai", which included the concepts of Anti-money laundering and terrorist financing, indicators of suspicion and fraud, electronic banking operations and the risks resulting from non-compliance with the procedures for the implementation of tasks in accordance with instructions, regulations, work manuals and risk management procedures in addition, the course included several ways to implement compliance policies, procedures and controls, risk-based approach, periodic reports and know your customer procedures.

National Cash Transfer Company participated in a workshop on “Controls to Combat Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing in Remittance Networks

National Cash Transfer Company participated in a workshop on “Controls to Combat Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing in Remittance Networks

National Cash Transfer Company participated in a workshop on “Controls to Combat Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing in Remittance Networks Under the title (Control Controls for Combating Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing in Remittance Networks” during the period from January 25-26, 2022 AD - This course was held Sponsored by the Governor of the Central Bank of Yemen, which was organized by the Financial Information Collection Unit to Combat Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing, and through which all exchange companies operating in the Republic were invited During the course, special international standards and controls for combating money laundering and terrorist financing in money transfer networks were identified, which is one of the most important issues of the contemporary banking sector in the countries of the region, including ours, And improving its role in the process of remittances with a view to stimulating investment and international trade and the transfer of funds by ensuring its flow through its legitimate channels away from suspicions of money laundering or terrorist financing

The graduation celebration of the first batch of Marketing - College of Administrative Sciences (University of Aden) under the official sponsorship of the National Company for Cash Transfers

The graduation celebration of the first batch of Marketing - College of Administrative Sciences (University of Aden) under the official sponsorship of the National Company for Cash Transfers

After the completion of the training course of "Financial Services Promoting", which targeted the graduates of the first batch of Marketing 2021 who graduated from the College of Administrative Sciences, Aden University - conducted earlier this month with the kind support of the National Cash Transfer Co. (YCASH) as the official sponsor of the batch graduation ceremony) at the company's head office in Khor Maksar, the batch graduation ceremony had been conducted on Wednesday morning, November 24, 2021. "However the training course was completed but our journey with the trainees has not ended yet, we will be the partner of success which contributed to the establishment of a new process for those who deserve it.", said the CEO of YCASH. # Graduation_Graduation #first batch marketing #marketing

YCASH Receives SPECIAL RECOGNITION from SME Finance Award Program

YCASH Receives SPECIAL RECOGNITION from SME Finance Award Program

On 21 October during a special ceremony for the winners of Global SME Finance Award, YCASH got special recognition from IFC's Global SME Finance Award for its efforts to serve SME clients in challenging and difficult operating environments.

Partnership agreement between the National Cash Transfer Company and Yemen Employment Foundation

Partnership agreement between the National Cash Transfer Company and Yemen Employment Foundation

In line with their joint values and visions, on October 21st, 2021, National Cash Transfer Co. (YCASH) and Employment Foundation - Yemen (EFE) signed a partnership and cooperation agreement. This partnership is executed to support young women and men, who seek employment and have entrepreneurship concepts, to enable them overcome the difficulties they face and empower them in labor market and finance their businesses.


Implementing the largest mobile payment project

Value of 1,024,929,000


Publishing the first case study

Door to Door payment methodology in the Arab Gateway website. Read More →


Obtaining the first international membership

Cash Learning Partnership CaLP YCASH accepted YCASH as a member of CaLP which is a global Cash Learning Partnership (CaLP) network of humanitarian actors involved in policy and practice for research in the field of Cash and Voucher Assistance (CVA).


Integrating humanitarian transfers system

Integrating humanitarian transfers system screens within some network systems


Implementing the largest t fixed payment project

Value of transfers 3,714,508,780


YCASH Signed Exclusive Partnership Agreement with MasterCard on CommunityPass Solutions

YCASH and MasterCard signed a partnership agreement by which YCASH was assigned as the Exclusive Partner (Reseller) of MasterCard's CommunityPass solutions which include humanitarian and development digital solutions.


The first in-kind project was implemented

Ramadhan Food baskets supplying for Islamic Relief Organization


Winning the first Tender as a direct contract

Cash transfers services tender advertised by Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA)


Implementing of the first project using door to door payment methodology

The project was located in Taiz Governorate, for the partner (SOLIDARITÉS International) organization


National Cash Transfer Company Launching

National cash transfer company was established in Aden city , on October 22nd , 2019 as a company specialized in humanitarian transfers , licensed by the Central Bank, working in partnering with all financial service providers (banks, insurance companies, exchange companies and microfinance institutions). Read More →


Implementing the first induction program

The program targets the new staff aiming at providing them with a clear and comprehensive idea about the company, It is considered as one of the procedures carried out by the company to accommodate the new staff and help them to recognize the work environment and mechanisms within the company and to contribute in charting a correct career path for the staff joining the company, also to build and enhance loyalty and job integration level , in addition to that increasing staff productivity


The first cash transfer project implemented

Unconditional Cash Transfers - Al Khokha District


The first partner organization YCASH implemented its humanitarian cash transfers

SOLIDARITÉS International


The first branch inauguration

Al Khokha the first branch for the company