About us

National Cash Transfer Company (YCash) is the first company specialized in the provision of social cash transfer services in YEMEN partnering with financial service providers and NGOs.

Our Vision

Wider outreach services, effective and innovative financial solutions.

Our Mission

To provide financial services and deliver cash and in-kind assistances using the best practices, effective mechanisms and partnerships to achieve financial inclusion.

Our Principles


Hard work



Our Aims & Purposes

  1. To provide financial and technological solutions to deliver financial services and humanitarian assistance with effective, innovative and sustainable access methods and modalities which meet the needs of financial service providers and NGOs.
  2. Develop work environment with governance ensuring quality management systems that adopt clear policies and advanced technology to be attractive context for employees and motivating their creativity
  3. Continual development of outreach and coverage services, systems, policies and modalities, widening partnerships and providing the best solutions to connect between donors, financial service providers, NGOs, entrepreneurs and beneficiaries.

كلمة رئيس مجلس الادارة تكتب هنا شسميبتشسم يبكش نسميبم كشسن يب شكمس نيبت كمشسنبتي  مش سن تيبكمشسنتي بكم شسن تبكمش سنت  يبكمشسن تبك مشس نيتبكم سنتيبك مشسنيتبكشمس نتبيمك ش سنت يبكم شنست يبك مشنستي بكمنستبك مشسنيبت كمشسنيتب كم شس ن تبيكمشسنتبيك شمسنيتب كش م سن تبكمشس نبتيكشمسنبتيك مسن بيتكس منبتيكمسنبيت كش مسنيبتكمسنيب تكسمينبتكس منيب تكش مس ينبت

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كلمة رئيس مجلس الادارة

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